Limtronik does system integration, panels and UL certification. Based out of Germany, they were founded in Colorado to provide Contract Manufacturing services for the U.S. market.



Schneider Electric 

Our Alliances

Universidad Del Norte

FREEDM CenterPos-En’s R&D office location, the FREEDM Center brings vast experience power systems engineering and real-time modeling. Part of North Carolina State University, the FREEDM Center is the “technological arm” of the Pos-En team. Together we are able to design and test complex systems and components. 

Colorado State University- Powerhouse Energy Campus

Front Range Internet, based out of Fort Collins Colorado, is a network operations center that has 24/7 on-line monitoring and data backup/disaster recovery. Pos-En 

Front Range Internet Inc. 


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Pos-En works with Universidad Del Norte to develop an engineering curriculum to support advanced infrastructure development such as microgrids and renewable energy generation and storage. 

Pos-En’s headquarters is located in the “PowerHouse”. We are able to utilize them for their vast experience in power and their University status. Recognized in the Smithsonian National History Museum exhibit “Places of Innovation”, CSU and Fort Collins have a climate action plan to be carbon neutral and Pos-En is excited to contribute to the program’s success.

​Secure Energy Solutions

Ghafari is a full-service global engineering, architecture, process design, consulting and construction services firm. They thrive for technological innovation in order to meet the specific needs of each client, helping elevate their efficiency, sustainability, and impact.

Technical Collaboration 

Natural Resource Capital Management 

Natural Resource Capital Management Project provides Pos-En with project financing. 

North Carolina State University- FREEDM Center

A global leader in large engine control solutions, dual fuel genes systems, and emissions control, Woodward brings dynamic experience and depth with locations in 14 countries. Pos-En utilizes Woodward’s experience in engine controls to deliver optimized and highly available systems.


Pos-En’s Eagle Line, an enabling platform for your energy future. 

Pos-En’s global Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) provider, Schneider Electric has over 160,000 employees in 160 countries. As one of the world’s largest and oldest companies, Pos-En utilizes Schneider Electric's vast resources and relationships on a global level.