Our History

Pos-En was founded in 2011 to enable the decentralization of the electric grids and secure mission critical infrastructure. 


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Pos-En is a Colorado-based energy project developer located at Colorado State University's Powerhouse Energy Institute in Fort Collins, Colorado. The company specializes in off-grid and microgrid systems, with a focus on optimizing clean energy resources and increasing reliability for their customers. Pos-En is delivering clean energy microgrid systems internationally in cooperation with some of the industry's largest and most innovative companies.

Pos-En's vision is a clean, reliable, and sustainable energy future with minimal reliance on fossil fuels by developing clean energy solutions that reduce grid reliance and harmful emissions.​Pos-En delivers resilient clean energy systems for various applications, such as commercial developments, commercial and industrial retrofits, airports, water plants, hospitals, and data centers.

​Secure Energy Solutions

Stefano Chioetto has spent most of his thirty plus years career in multinational companies directly operating in the energy industry or catering to it. His work experience spans the three continents of Europe, North America and South America. Stefano has always been passionate about addressing the environmental and climate challenges posed by our societies’ dependence on fossil fuels. He joined our team because of the complete alignment of his personal values, vision and aspirations with those of Pos-En.

Stefano Chioetto, Executive  Engineer 

Paul Gregory, Project Financial Analysist

Who We Are  

Robert Lachenmayer, COO

Robert Lachenmayer has over thirty years of leadership experience working in the electrical industry. He leverages the interrelationship between energy, water, transportation, security and all other systems existing within a city to optimize the delivery of services to its citizens while also meeting their community's core values.

Daniel Gregory, CEO


Daniel Gregory is a dedicated energy industry entrepreneur, technologist and business leader who created Pos-En in Loveland, CO in November 2011. He is passionate about modernizing the United States energy infrastructure and expanding global energy development. ​

Paul Gregory brings over thirty years of experience as a project manager to the Pos-En team. He is passionate about renewable energy, alternative energy, and power generation. Paul has held positions as director, vice president of operations, and technical support manager in various companies.